T-8000D Remote Microphone Input Module

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T-8000D is a remote microphone input modular work together with T-8000, which will be used to input remote microphone. Two microphone inputs by XLR type connector are included, while both of them are designed of bass and treble tone control, moreover, master volume control of each microphone inputs are provided for dedicated control. A remote mic VOX mute button is provided to override the background music system when enabled.

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Product Features

  • The T-8000D remote microphone input module is connected with T-8000 through universal industrial standard CAT 5 where a remote location announcement is needed.
  • Two different options: T-8000D of aluminium material in grey colour and T-8000DW of ABS material in white colour.
  • Each controller provides eight RJ45 ports for the remote module.
  • The CAT 5 wiring is not only featured of cost-effective, convenient layout, but also integration of RS 485 communication, audio transmission and DC 24V power supply together.
  • The remote module family also has T-8000B and T-8000C.
  • Two remote mic by XLR inputs with volume control and bass, treble tone controls.
  • A paging priority override music button is provided when a remote paging is needed.
  • DC 24V power supply from controller, low power consumption 5W.
  • Extra DC 24V power supply is needed when communication distance is more than 50 meters.
  • Analogue to digital conversion working principle to adjust controller’s volume.
    Metal mounting box is supplied.






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