Epiphan Video

Epiphan Systems, also known by its trade name as Epiphan Video, is an AV equipment manufacturer founded in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with an office in Palo Alto, California. Epiphan Systems Inc. markets, develops, manufactures, and supports a line of video capture, streaming, and recording products. Among their products are a family of high-resolution VGA, DVI, and HDMI frame grabbers (some with custom drivers, some UVC-based) and a series of professional AV streaming/recording systems with included video switching technology. Epiphan Systems made the world’s first high-resolution frame grabbers capable of transferring images over the USB bus with capture rates over 60 frames per second using precompressor technologies for image capture.

Clients and integrators of Epiphan Systems’ technologies include the US Armed Forces, Microsoft, IBM, as well as a slate of other high-profile organizations. Its products are also used to relay images from medical equipment over the Internet. Epiphan’s video broadcasting devices have also been used by NASA on the International Space Station for ultrasound remote diagnostics purposes. The frame grabbers have been mentioned in scholarly articles for their usage in academic medical settings.

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