We offer a conditional warranty for the following period for parts and labour against faulty manufacture and original materials only:

Amplifiers 3 years
Mixers 1 year
Processors 1 year
Replay 6 months
Speakers 3 years
Commercial 2 years

Customer pays freight for return warranty and Sound Choice Pro Audio NZ pays return freight if fault is covered under warranty.

After purchase, you should register your details using the warranty form below.

The terms of the product warranty only apply if the product: has been purchased directly or indirectly from Sound Choice Pro Audio NZ Ltd in New Zealand; has been installed and operated in strict accordance with the instructions and specifications supplied; has not been damaged by accident, misuse, abuse, improper installation or operation or an act of God; and has not been repaired, altered in any way or tampered with.

This warranty excludes any parts, labour, packing, transport and other associated costs including personal injury with: damage caused due to operation or installation under incorrect conditions or contrary to the instructions or specifications of the product; faults due to not performing proper routine maintenance as specified in the operation manual; accessories from other suppliers or damage caused to or by this item to accessories or other equipment to which it may be connected; the failure of any loudspeaker components due to misuse or abuse, incorrect operation, overpowering, clipping or any fault or failure in any amplifier or other signal processor or device directly or indirectly connected to the failed speakers regardless of the cause of the fault; faults or failures due to adverse environmental or operational conditions – such conditions include the effects of poor ventilation, water, chlorine, salt water, dust, temperature, wind, vibration, perspiration and or other corrosive and abrasive agents; faults arising from outside interference such as radio frequency and electro magnetic interference or other electronic/electrical interference; the failure of any original software supplied with any product due to the improper use or application of the software either to the device itself or to any other devices or systems or software applications associated with it – the use of unauthorised copies of any software in any product totally voids warranty associated with that product and software.

Nothing in this warranty shall be construed as affecting any rights you may have under any legislation which gives you rights which cannot be modified or excluded by the agreement.

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Warranty Form

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