What is JBN Sound Ceiling?

JBN Sound Solutions brings an incredible sound experience through the highly advanced ceiling sound system. It provides uncompromised quality and clarity for guests, protects the local environment, enhances and complement the architectural design of a venue. Our revolutionary directional speaker system, the JBN Sound Ceiling does this and more.

The Jbn Sound Ceiling® is a modular based directional speaker system designed to provide high quality amplified music whilst solving noise complaints.  

Compared to conventional speaker systems, the Jbn Sound Ceiling can achieve significant sound pressure reductions without the need for costly building renovations, sound barriers or walls. Upon installation indoor applications achieve a minimum reduction of 10dB(c) outside the venue whilst outdoor installations achieve a minimum of 15dB(c). 

Please note. These figures are based on a direct comparison between a conventional speaker system and The Jbn Sound Ceiling both operating at the same sound pressure levels. 

The system uses Plane Wave Technology to achieve astounding reductions in sound propagation and bass frequency transference. Each panel used in the system is carefully engineered to ensure that every speaker runs perfectly in phase. Essentially, all the directional speakers work in unison to create one giant speaker. When combined and housed over a dedicated area, the system acts as a “waterfall”, immersing the listener in high quality, full frequency sound.

JBN Noise Complaints Solved

JBN Rooftop Case Study


As the name suggests, the acoustic ceiling offers an array of sound benefits to the users. With the correct acoustic ceiling installation, we ensure to improve the audio quality of your venue’s interiors. The use of advanced technology enables our team to improve the balance of sound and create a pleasing acoustic effect. Whether you want suspended ceiling or sound panels, feel free to give us a call. We offer extensive acoustic ceiling installation solutions carefully designed to match your specific needs. Our team strives to achieve excellent results and ensure to get the job done right. 


LAB 36

LAB 44

LAB2 series comprises of nine, 6½ ” dual cone drivers mounted on a 600mm square perforated plate. Minimum installation size starts at 9m2, however the ultimate size for optimal directivity is 23.04m2. Typical applications for this series include Sports bars, TABs, Function spaces, Marquees and Bars.

The LAB36 series comprises of two, 10″ bass drivers for low frequency output and six, 6½ ” dual cone drivers for mid to high frequency output. Minimum installation size is 23.04m2. Over this area 64 panels are installed (128 10″ subs and 384 6½ ” mid to high drivers). This minimum square area allows the low frequency directivity and ensures high quality sound performance. Typical applications for this series include large Bars, Hotels,  Nightclubs, Casinos and Outdoor Resorts.

The LAB44 series comprises of 4, 10” bass drivers for low frequency output only. Minimum installation size is 23.04m2. Over this area 64 panels combining 256 sub speakers are installed. This system provides bass sound only and relies on a conventional speaker systems to provide mid and high frequency sound. Typical installations of this series include Nightclubs and Rave Festivals.

Hotel Ravesis Bondi

Located in busy Bondi Beach, Hotel Ravesis popular weekend DJ nights were at risk when noise complaints from in house guests and a neighbouring apartment building came in.

 The Jbn Sound Ceilings unique ability to offer unrivalled directional sound control meant that music emanating from the venue could be contained to the dance floor, without jeopardising the sound quality and completely solving their noise complaint issue.

Below is a guide to demonstrate how we can apply the Jbn Sound Ceiling to mitigate sound above

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