T-7805 IP Network Audio Terminal

Support intelligent energy saving and pre-open management, to achieve energy-saving and ensure that equipment to be reliable and stable.

Built-in 8GByte SSD, support for  server remote management, support automatically download function on limited bandwidth or idle time free download, to reduce the network burden, can set media library file to offline automatic playback

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Product Features:

  • 4.3”TFT touch-screen and IR remote control;
  • Based on Luna cloud server; safe and stable; continuous operation 24/7
  • 2GB internal SSD memory; has remote management functionality; supports background downloading for limited bandwidth or scheduled downloads for reduced network load; supports offline playing from media library
  • USB port to read and play media in external storage devices up to 4TB
  • Micro SD (TF) port up to 128GB capacity
  • 2 network ports to support expansion of exchange and remote backup. Up to 100Mbps;
  • 24-bit Hi-fi audio, streaming up to 768Kpbs
  • 1 Line input, 1 Mic input, 1 EMC input, built-in digital preamp,  with customisable priority levels; with 1 monitoring Mic input for self-testing of equipment, working environment, testing of operators etc.
  • 1 Line output for external power amplifiers; headset jack;
  • 2 short inputs and 2 short outputs; flexible custom functions: e.g. short signal connections, alarm triggers, and third-party fire alarm or monitoring system;
  • Intelligent power saving and management;
  • Factory reset button
  • RJ45 expansion ports for expansion of functions and operation
  • Runs on both AC and 24VDC battery backup

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