Giove FreeNetMK2

$575.00 Excl. GST

-New graphic interface with icons
-New stand-by screen
-New Bluetooth management with control from FREENETMK2 to smartphone
-New microphone management with automatic volume sensibility
-Selectable message receiver
-New clock and alarm function with programmable timer function

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In-wall stand alone amplifier for multiroom audio applications, with Bluetooth, 503-3 modules standard and RS485 control port

All-in-one, Made in Italy, excellent acoustic quality and audio performance, stand-alone, HI-FI Stereo 25W+25W RMS (50+50W program).

Integrated devices:

  • RS485 port for Smart Home integration
  • BLUETOOTH for audio streaming: with password
  • FM RADIO with RDS with 7 memories
  • USB READER of audio files (SUPER AUDIO CD,MP3, WMA, AAC)
  • MICROPHONE for intercom (main or selective call priority in couple with the iCONTROL) and for BABY MONITOR function
  • 2xAUX inputs for local sources (e.g. TV, CD, Sky…)
  • 1xStereo AUX output for active speakers,  subwoofers (SUB6A,SUB10A) or expansion amplifiers
  • OLed display
  • IR receiver

Product Features

  • New graphic interface with icons
  • New stand-by screen
  • New Bluetooth management with control from FREENETMK2 to smartphone
  • New microphone management with automatic volume sensibility
  • Selectable message receiver
  • New clock and alarm function with programmabe timer function
  • AUX Output with possibility to choose between fixed output and volume
  • Pin Management from display
  • Greater audio dynamics
  • Increased speed response
  • IR active Output
  • Master/Slave setting for microphone calls from setup menu
  • OC1 function, global calls, always enabled even in FREENETMK2 mode.
  • Bidirectional Pin IL, with automatic master/slave function
  • Energy saving function
  • OC1 function, active global calls
  • Activate/Deactivate CA20/CA21 multiroom function from menu

Connectable devices (audio output):
TV, PC, CD, DVD, iOS (iPOD, iPHONE, iPAD), Android, Blu-ray, SKY, Smartphone.

How to use:
stand alone
stand alone with Smart Home integration
multiroom in combination with the main units CA20, CA21, CA28 (also with Smart Home).

Working impedance 4-16 Ω, for optimal performance we recommend to connect 1, 2 or 4 speakers
Colour: black, silver or white.
Weight 0,15 Kg.
Front panel dimensions: 3 modules 503, 504, 506, 507…
Recessed depth: 45mm (please note that the wiring requires more space)
Slim remote control device Vivaldi Giove TCIR5, provided in the package.

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