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  • Excellent sonic performance with 24bit converters coupled with 48kHz sample rate
  • 8 Mic/Line inputs, 8 outputs with full matrix mixing
  • 3 band parametric equalization and Low/High pass filters per input channel
  • Front panel interactive LCD display for local access and configuration
  • Front panel 6-LED status indicators per channel
  • Simultaneous control up to 32 units via PC software
Category: Brand: Marani


Product Overview

The DPA880AMT is a high performance 8 input x 8 output digital Matrix mixer. Designed for conference systems, it maintains the same characteristics as the DPA880T in addition to the Automixing function and Ducking process. It includes 8 independently switchable Line/Mic inputs with Phantom power supply, 8 Line outputs, managed by a powerful MARANI® DSP Engine, in addition to high performance 24 Bit AD/DA converters. The DPA880AMT supports a full matrix mixing mode where inputs may be routed/mixed in any ratio to any output. Each Mic/Line input channel provides Low/High-Pass 1st order filters, 3-band Parametric EQ, Noise Gate function and Gain control. In addition microphone inputs include a Feedback Eliminator function, based on a powerful “Pitch Shifting” algorithm, particularly suitable for voice applications. Automixing function automatically adjusts input level to make operating easier using either NOM (Number of Open Mics) attenuation function or Gain Sharing algorithm. In addition Ducking process enforces a “priority order” of open microphones in order that high priority inputs attenuate lower-priority inputs. Each output offers up to 5-band of parametric equalization, crossover filters, RMS compressor, Peak Limiter and configurable Delay. For remote configuration and control the DPA880AMT can be connected via Ethernet, USB or RS485 by using the control remote PC software. In addition, it can be managed by an Apple iPad® device, using the dedicated DPA880xT software setting all parameters and showing real time levels. For complex systems, 8 digital IN/OUT ports are provided for GPIO Integration. Furthermore the DPA880AMT can be connected via RS485 to the optional CP4 Wall Panel control that allows selection of 4 assigned presets and master volume control.

Technical Specifications


Analog Input 8 electronically balanced
Analog Output 8 electronically balanced
Maximum Input Level Line: +18dBu; Mic: -18dBu
Maximum Output Level +18dBu
THD+N 0.005% at 1kHz 0dBu
S/N >104dBA
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz +/-1dB
AD & DA Converters 24bit

DSP & Processing

DSP Engine MARANI® DSP, 24bit (data) x 96 bit (coeff.)
DSP Resolution 24×32 bit for filtering process
96 bits resolution on intermediate computation results
Input Equalization 3-band parametric selected as Peaking or Low/High Shelving with variable Q per input channel
Low/High Pass 1St order filter per input channel
Output Equalization 5-band parametric EQ selected as Peaking or Low/High Shelving with variable Q per output channel
Filter Gain From -12dBu up to +12dBu by 0.5dBu resolution steps
Center Frequency Selectable with a 1/24th of octave resolution step from 20Hz up to 20kHz
Filter Q/BW Q from 0.4 up to 10 by 0.1 resolution steps
Crossover Section HPF/LPF Butterworth 6/12/18/24dB per octave
Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley and custom 12/24dB per octave
Filter resolution 1/24th of octave
RMS Compressor and Peak Limiter Threshold from 18dBu up to -30dBu
Attack time from 5ms up to 200ms (1ms resolution up to 20ms, 10ms resolution up to
100ms and 20ms resolution up to 200ms)
Release time from 0.1 sec up to 3 sec (0.1sec resolution)
Ratio from 1:1 to 32:1 (Compressor only)
Adjustable Soft or Hard Knee (Compressor only)
Delay 848,998 ms 21us increment/decrement steps per channel
Feedback Eliminator Pitch Shifting algorithm only for Mic input channels
Automixing Functions NOM attenuation, Gain Sharing algorithm and Priority Ducking processing


Device Presets 6 User Presets + 4 by using S1-S4 digital input ports
Front Panel 2×24 character LCD display with white/blue LED backlight
6-LED status indicators per channel (Line, Mic, FBK, Signal, Clip, Limiter)
1-LED indicator Phantom Power
6 x preset selection push button switch
USB type B connector
Rear Panel 2 x 12 pin Phoenix connector (Mic/Line Inputs)
2 x 12 pin Phoenix connector (Line Outputs)
2 x 4 pin Phoenix connector (S1-S4 digital input ports – TTL level 0-5V)
2 x 4 pin Phoenix connector (S1-S4 digital output ports – TTL level 0-5V)
2 x RJ45 for RS485 In/Out connection
1 x RJ45 connector with activity LEDs for Ethernet connection (10/100 TCP-IP)
IEC C13 16A connector; Power on /off switch
Optional Device Marani® CP4 Wall Panel control
Main AC 90-240VAC (50/60Hz) – 40W
Dimensions 19”x 1.75”x 9” (483x44x229mm) 1RU
Weight, Net / Shipping 7.71 lbs (3.5 Kg) / 8.82 lb (4 Kg)


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