T-7800A IP Intercom & PA System Server

  • Industrial-grade industrial computer case design, adopts steel structure, having higher antimagnetic, dustproof, prevent shocks ability.
  • 17″ LED LCD screen, built-in 5-wire reinforcement industrial touch screen, easy to use touch-screen control.
  • The industrial-grade pull-out keyboard design, more convenient for operating.
  • Built-in high-capacity SSD solid state hard drive, there is no movable mechanical parts, with superior durability and reliability.


Product Description

Luna Cloud system server, Using industrial-grade industrial PC chassis design,Crate adopts steel structure, Have higher antimagnetic, dustproof, prevent shocks ability; SSD solid state disk, No any activity type mechanical parts, With super durability and reliability; 17″ friendly display screen, Simple and easy to use (5 wire) full touch screen control; With built-in keyboard and touch screen; The system adopts the embedded platform, Use Linux system as the core operating platform, prevent system from virus interference and destruction; increasing the system operation stability, B/S platform operating system structure. System server can transmit in LAN and WAN (across different network segment, routing), Can be deployed anywhere in the network, support for any operating system, any browser for remote access; server is core to support each audio terminal operation, the maximum manage 300 terminal device to support up to 150 groups differentiated real-time tasks. Responsible for managing streaming audio, audio broadcast terminal in response to each request and full-duplex audio exchange with the terminal management, user management, broadcast management, audio file management, record storage, scheduling internal communications processing functions. Management program library resources to provide regular play and real-time on-demand media services for all audio terminal.

Product Features

1) Using CPU Core i7, which could support up to 300 terminals;

2) Using dual channel memory 8G DDR3;

3) Using high speed 256G SSD

4) With dual network interface to meet the demand of high speed data exchange;

5) Using 17-inch 16:9 HD screen of 1920x1080P, which is with LVDS digital interface;

6) With pull-style industrial level keyboard;

7) Using industrial level touch mouse;

8) Using 2 channel sound card, which could be expanded to 14 channel;

Technical Specifications

Model T-7800A
Screen Size 17-Inch
Screen Color TFT 16 Bit True Color
Operation Method 1240×768 Liquid Crystal Resistive Touch Screen (5 Wire)
Working Temp. 5℃ to +60℃
Working Relative Humidity ≧75%
Hard Drive SSD
Network Card 1000M
SNR of System Audio Signal Line: 70dB;Mic:60dB
Distortion of System Audio Signal 1KHz<0.5%
Standard Input Level of System Audio Signal Line: 300mV;Mic:5mV
Standard Output Level of System Audio Signal 0dBV
Power Consumption AC 220V/50Hz/300W
Dimension (WxDxH) 484x310x314mm
Weight 11Kg
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