T-78120 IP Network Audio Class-D Amplifier

  •  Built-in 1 independent Line output to be linked with external power amplifier; connecting outer PA; with standard headset jack to do monitoring;
  • With 2 short input and 2 short output which could be user-customized; could realize short signal collection, alarm trigger, and the linkage with the third-party fire alarm or monitoring system;
  • Support intelligent power-saving and pre-open management to ensure reliable and energy-saving working of the device;
  • With 2 forced switching output; volume control could be switched forcibly when paging and emergency happens;
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Product Description:

  • Based on Luna cloud server; safe and stable; continuous operation 24/7
  • 4.3” TFT LCD touch screen; 24 function buttons; Supports IR remote control
  • Supports remote server management;
  • Supports offline playing from Media library;
  • USB port and TF slot; capable of calling one or many terminals from USB or TF
  • Internal 60W/120W/240W/350W/500W power amplifier at constant impedance (4-16Ω) or constant voltage (70V/100V)
  • 1 Line input, 1 MIC input, front output, 1 EMC input, 1 monitoring mic and digital preamp; 2 short inputs and 2 short outputs for connection to third party system

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