d&b 30D Amplifier

The 2 RU, four channel 30D amplifier is designed for permanent integration with applications that require medium to high Sound Pressure Level (SPL) capabilities.

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This device contains extended input management functionalities with separate Input Gain control for each input channel, General Purpose Inputs/Outputs (GPIO) and a General Fault connector. Enhanced system status monitoring functions such as Input and Load monitoring ensure suitability in an emergency situation. The 30D shares the same Digital Signal Processing platform as the latest generation of d&b amplifiers, providing configurations for all d&b loudspeakers as well as a linear mode.

The DSP integrated within the 30D incorporates comprehensive loudspeaker management, switchable filtering functions as well as user definable equalization and delay capabilities. This includes two 16-band equalizers, providing optional parametric, asymmetric, shelving or notch filtering and up to 10s (= 3440 m/11286 ft) signal delay, all of which can be applied independently to each channel.

The 30D is accessible via the d&b Remote network, either via Ethernet using the Open Control Architecture protocol (OCA) or CAN-Bus using RJ45 connectors. The 30D is controlled using the integrated web interface, which enables access via a browser, or using the d&b R1 Remote control software. The device itself contains LEDs to display power, input, data and mute status.

The LoadMatch function integrated within the 30D amplifier electrically compensates for the properties of loudspeaker cable used. The 30D incorporates Class D amplifiers utilizing a power supply with active Power Factor Correction (PFC) suitable for mains voltages 100 V/127 V, 50 – 60 Hz and 208 V/240 V, 50 – 60 Hz and maintains a stable output when used with weak or unstable mains supplies. Input and output connectors are all Euroblock sockets.

d&b 30D Amplifier Technical Specifications

Controls and indicators
POWER Mains power switch (rear panel)
ISP, GR, OVL A/B LED indicators


Digital Signal Processing
Equalizer 2 x 16-band PEQ/notch/shelving/asymmetric
Latency analog and digital inputs 0.3 msec.
Delay setting 0.3 msec. – 10 sec.
Configurations current d&b loudspeakers and linear mode
Function switches d&b loudspeaker specific circuits
Frequency generator Pink noise or Sine wave 10 Hz – 20 kHz
SRC (Sample rate converter) Selectable for AES 1/2 and 3/4
Sampling rate 96 kHz/27 Bit ADC/24 Bit DAC


INPUT ANALOG (A1 – A4) 3-pin Phoenix Euroblock male
ANALOG LINK (A1 – A4) 3-pin Phoenix Euroblock male
INPUT DIGITAL (D1/2, D3/4) 3-pin Phoenix Euroblock male, AES3
DIGITAL LINK (Output) 3-pin Phoenix Euroblock male
Sampling rate 48/96 kHz / 2 Ch/n
Sampling Digital AES/EBU 48 kHz/96 kHz
Speaker outputs A/B/C/D 2 x 4-pin Phoenix Euroblock female
Mix TOP/SUB / 2-Way Active output A/B and C/D 2 x 4-pin Phoenix Euroblock female
GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) 1 x 6-pin Phoenix Euroblock male
General Fault 1 x 3-pin Phoenix Euroblock male
CAN 2 x RJ 45 parallel
ETHERNET 2 x RJ 45, 10/100 Mbit Ethernet
Mains connector powerCON®


Data (linear setting with subsonic filter)
Maximum output power per channel (THD+N < 0.5%, all channels driven)
CF = 6 dB at 4 / 8 ohms
CF = 12 dB at 4 / 8 ohms
4 x 1000/800 W
4 x 1600/800 W
S/N ratio (unweighted, RMS)
Analog input
Digital input
> 104 dBr
> 106 dBr


Power supply
Type Universal range switched mode power supply with active power factor
correction (PFC)
Rated mains voltage 100 to 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz


Dimensions, weight
Dimensions (H x W x D) 2 RU x 19″ x 435 mm/17.1″
Weight 10.6 kg / 23.4 lb

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