HARVEY Pro 8×8

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The HARVEY Pro product line is equipped with up to 32 analog audio input or output channels as well as a large number of different control interfaces. The unit has extensive audio processing functions that can be configured in a way that is tailored precisely to the respective application.

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In addition to audio signal processing, lighting and media control, HARVEY Pro allows for a flexible response to different market requirements with regard to the number of channels. The audio input and output channels can be scaled in steps of 4, allowing HARVEY Pro to cover the spectrum from small projects with an 8×8 audio matrix to special applications with e. g. 4×24 channels. An appealing wall-mounted remote control for the most important functions completes the product portfolio.

Product Features

  • Audio Inputs: Each input can be configured by software as line level input or as microphone level input.  Inputs are equipped with software controllable 48 V phantom power (P48).
  • Audio Outputs: Analogue balanced line level outputs, e.g. for driving amplifiers inputs.
  • Dante: Optionally available; for connecting several HARVEY units and exchanging digital audio streams among the units and other Dante devices via an Ethernet network.
  • Class-D amplifiers: 4/8/12-channel Class-D amplifier unit capable of driving up to 12 passive loudspeakers directly with a total of 80 watts (RMS).
  • Ethernet: Connection to configuration PC as well as other controlling devices or devices to be controlled.
  • RS232, RS485/DMX512: Interfaces for remote control and exchange of control commands of HARVEY units and external devices, e.g. lighting installations, PA systems, media technology or operating panels.
  • Digital Control Inputs: 4 logic inputs for switching and controlling presets and binary parameters, e.g. muting channels with external tactile switches.
  • Analog Control Inputs: 2 analogue inputs to externally control HARVEY parameters, e.g. level by potentiometer.
  • Digital Control Outputs: 4 logic outputs for the control of external devices, e.g. relays or LEDs.
  • Relay Outputs: 2 outputs for galvanically isolated control output of external devices.

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