Giove CA28

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Suitable for the management of 12 zones ( expandable power supply via Vivaldi Giove AL3, Vivaldi Giove AL4, Vivaldi Giove AL5).
Advantage: it integrated the supervision system Vivaldi Domotica iCONTROL4.1L for the control of audio-video home cinema system by iOS & Android app, it simplify the wiring by saving time and materials, it integrates power supply for 12 Vivaldi Giove FREENETMK3,Vivaldi Giove iFREEMK3.55, Vivaldi Giove iFREEMK3.70, it integrated a storage of IR codes to control audio-video devices, it allowed the management of 2 sources for all the systems.

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Vivaldi Giove MULTIMEDIA CA28

Multiroom Main Unit – Signal distributor

  • Audio signal distributor for iFREE/FREEMK2/FREENETMK2:
  • 8 zones;
  • 2 analog stereo inputs;
  • 2 IR outputs;
  • Power supply for up to 8 iFREE/FREENETMK2;

Manual on/off switch from front panel; 1Rack Unit; dimensions 483x44x305mm.

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