Zero-Ohm Systems

Zero-Ohm Systems is a global manufacturer of a unique award-winning patented technology.

Connect 20-40 speakers or more in parallel without transformers with the benefit of full-range sound. Our passive devices allow you to connect any amplifier and multiple loudspeakers without traditional constraints associated with speaker loads, impedance and long cables runs.

Our devices are passive with max capacity per channel of 4k or 2K watts, ideal for big installs like theme parks, hotels, stadiums, hospitals and more.

2K2 Renegade

2000W (per channel/2 channels)

($2,398.90 incl. GST)

2K4 Renegade

2000W (per channel/4 channels)

($3,899.65 incl. GST)

4K-2 Disruptor

4000W (per channel/2 channels)

($2,994.60 incl. GST)

4K4 Disruptor

4000W (per channel/4 channels)

($4,249.25 incl. GST)